Thursday, 6 May 2010

What can we do for you?

Do you suffer from:

Weight issues?
• Poor Sleep?
• Structural problems?
• Muscular aches, pains?
• Illness, depression, fatigue?
• General feeling of ‘not belonging’?
• Lack self confidence/self-esteem?
• Want to learn how to live healthier?
• Fancy some food and healthy eating coaching?
• Raw food interest?
• Just generally want to feel better and live more vibrantly?

YES? Then we can help!

With all clients that come to see us we treat you as AN INDIVIDUAL… yes an individual. We will look at what your issues are that you present with, why you want treatment, what you hope to achieve, likes, dislikes, aches, pains yes the whole kit and caboodle!

With this knowledge we will then devise a programme to suit you…no two programmes are the same.

You may have persistent back ache and actually the cause is linked to a wheat intolerance, yes this has been known… SO we will look at everything from foods, structural alignment, confidence issues, mid set, goals…where are you? Where do you want to be? What exercise will help you…not everyone is a gym bunny but there are other options to help us increase our energies and tone up.

We use a number of different techniques including:
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Amatsu
  • Kinesiology
  • Reiki
  • Massage
  • Shamanic practises
  • Nutrition/Food education
  • Hypnosis/TimeLine™

We can and will help you achieve those goals, get rid of those pains, get more confident and live a life that we really dream off! So call Sarah on 07979 914822 or 0845 0941323 or email to book your appointment.


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  1. Lovely new blog - blessings and all good vibes! Iris