Friday, 11 June 2010


AS SEEN ON GMTV……and she has even read LOUISE HAYS FEET!

EXCITING FUN WORKSHOP: Learn a new skill

Foot Reading: July 10 + 11

International Foot Reader and Author Jane Sheehan (and recently featured on GMTV) is teaching the amazing foot reading technique and I will be hosting this for her in Clophill, Beds.

This weekend counts towards CPD for most reflexology schools and is an amazing thing to add to your treamtent, you don’t have to be a reflexologist though – just like doing palmestry of the feet – hold parties to raise extra money, network and simply have fun

SPECIAL PRICE OF £160 RRP £250.. (you can make this back in 1 evening of foot readings!) £50 non-refundable deposit secures your place. To see more about Jane:

I will be bringing raw chocolate and treats for us to share at break time too!


Monday, 24 May 2010

the glory + wonder of life...

I have had the most extraordinary couple of days....

The workshop was a wonderful success with the favourites being: courgette, herb pesto, garlic + lemon mayo, raspberry ice-cream and the mint chocolate...although I think most went down well!

Such a joy to introduce people to the concept of healthier food made EASY!

Then I received a phone call at 12.30am (1 hours sleep) that my dear friend from uni had gone into labour so it was a quick dash (well 45 minutes door to door) to assist her in the birth of her second beautiful little girl.

Being a person who has always felt more comfortable with 4 legs + furry coat than the idea of motherhood (other peoples are wonderful) I can honestly say I have just been privy to the most beautiful and humbling experiences of my life. Karen had a reasonably short labour (her last was days..) So 3 intensive hours was nothing! And made it all look + sound so easy + graceful. Overwhelming reminds me + cements in for me the magnificence of creation + of many people could simply breathe + pant whilst their pelvis is separating to allow a wonderful blessed new life into the world?

Honoured beyond belief and blessed to have cut the cord...this little angel is forever imprinted in my heart + I urge anyone to experience it....

Blessings to all and just is too short and blessings many...seize them with both hands and run like a wild mustang on the plains or fly like an eagle....

Beauty indeed....Blessed beeee

Friday, 21 May 2010


SUNDAY 23 MAY 2010



















DELICIOUS new juice...........

wow this is just soooo yummy I had to share it!

Named it SJ's May Day Juice...

1/4 watermelon (with skin on for added nutrients)
1/2 lemon (unwaxed)
1/2 organic cucumber

then blend with crushed ice & rasberries.....most delicious thing I have had all day!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Busy, busy

Oh my what a wonderful few days...busy busy getting ready for my raw workshop on sunday:
we will be doing many salads + desserts & have already made an AMAZING raw rasberry ice-cream, sorbet, olive flax bread, marinara crisps, basil cheeze with much more on the agenda tmw!

Come join us!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I am really keen to do some more work with my NLP and Hypnosis and am looking for some case studies:

Smoking ceasation and Weight Loss although other things can be looked at too!

I will ask for a donation towards the work, a testimonial and COMITMENT to the work - you must want to giive up smoking/get rid of some weight.

If your interested please do contact me:

Lets get 'healthy together'..

Introduction to Raw Food and Healthy Living

I am running a Raw Food Introduciton on May 23 at 10 - 2pm iin Milton Keynes

Learn how SIMPLE raw food can be & how you feel so VITAL after bloating or tiredness simply full of vitality.

Easy summer dishes including
Raw desserts
Nut Mylks

Investment just £50.00

Places limited so book quickly!

07979 914822

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Back and raring to go!

It seems like a life time since I did some is GOOD to be back!

Life is great, very excited about the things we will be adding to the work this year, Theta Healing later in the year which is stunning and works so very well with everything else..

I am finding that the 2 hour sessions are working particularly well as it enables us to work really deeply on many issues - throughout May and Juen I am offering the 2 hour sessions at a reduced rate of £75.00 (normal price £90) so book quickly there are only a few slots left...

Have a glorious day whereever you are..

WHAT THEY SAY...............

Although I intersperse my fitness instruction with plenty of yoga and frequent massage – they all seem like a starter to a meal – when really what you want is the main.

Sarah – Jayne is the ‘main course’.

Sarah Jayne brings such a wide range of different therapies and energy work to the table, connecting with the individual in a wonderfully holistic way.
I frequently enter with crooked bits, heavy bits, achy bits, ribs that won’t move, grumbly guts, headaches (not all together – well not always).
Sarah – Jayne expertly assesses the situation and sets about pulling, applying pressure, massaging, twiddling (these are not technical terms) rebalancing and calming ALL areas of my body and my mind.
I leave feeling light, free, able to breath and extremely balanced.
Laura Mcdermott Brown (yoga/Pilates and fitness instructor)

When I first sought help from Sarah, I was lethargic, short tempered and wasn’t sleeping. Working long hours in a stressful environment, I was surviving on coffee and eating quick convenience meals or take always when I got home to enable me to finish my work. After my initial consultation, she informed me that my body was showing a wheat and dairy intolerance and that by giving these things up I would feel better. Four months later, I had totally changed my diet, chucked out all of the chicken nuggets and chocolate bars, had lost two stone in weight, had glowing skin and was sleeping through the night. The difference was incredible – each day I felt better than the previous one! Eighteen months down the line, I still avoid wheat and dairy foods, my weight has stabilised – and I am wearing size 10 trousers rather than the size 16s I was in. Result!
 In addition Sarah helped when I had a large family event was coming up and it was getting me down. Deep rooted feelings of insecurity reappeared and I was dreading it. However, with Sarah’s help, we explored my feelings, trying to get to the bottom of some very complex emotional issues. We discovered that some of my feelings were masking other deeper perceptions about myself. She helped me to develop coping strategies to build my self esteem, to see the event in a positive light rather than a negative one (this took a long while!) and to come up with one positive goal that I was to work towards during the event. She also helped me to see that having so much negative energy was draining on me and she helped me to re-channel it to make it more positive. When the event came, whilst the immediate build up was stressful, I was much calmer than I had anticipated, and when I felt the calmness slipping away I was able to put into practise some of the techniques she had taught me so I could rebalance myself. An enormous difference on what the situation could have been!
 K-A Harvey - Deanshanger

I had been suffering from back trouble on and off for thirty years or so. My right foot turned out, one leg was significantly longer than the other and one shoulder was lower than the other. I had limited rotation in my right; the Doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs that I took, and it still hurt like mad.
Sarah was recommended to me by one of the Gym Instructors. Even after my first visit there was a dramatic progress in my right foot, which no longer turned out so far; after the second visit the pain in my arm somehow disappeared after two more visits, and bits of me that haven’t moved properly for years are working more or less as they should do.
If I had to tell you exactly what Sarah does – I couldn’t explain it; all I know is that it works. If you asked me if she hurt me – I would say that she finds bits of me that already hurt and afterwards they don’t hurt as badly. If you were to ask me if I recommended her – I would reply “absolutely”. John P MK

The first treatment I had from Sarah was for terrible back pain. On the day I arrived for my treatment, I was hobbling around and finding it extremely uncomfortable to drive. The Amatsu therapy that Sarah gave me relaxed my muscles, banished the pain and enabled me to move around freely again. I am also certain that during the session I received the benefit of the skills and knowledge that Sarah has acquired from the other healing disciplines that she has studied. Sarah's intuitive and holistic approach to healing make her a flexible and effective healing practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone.
Dr Estelle Gillingham, Director, Soul Star Photography

Hi Sarah,
I wanted to thank you for the great service you have given me. You have given me so much more than I anticipated. When I came to see you the first time I remember dragging John along to ensure I do not get caught up in any weird stuff.  We were both in for a surprise. On your very first diagnosis you suggested I get checked out for PCOS by my GP and we dismissed it. It was only after a very sad wake up call that we took your advice and went to the GP, and of course you were right. With all your advice and direction – we have managed to calm my IBS symptoms to almost none, headaches are few and far between and I have managed to have the best present of all!!! Following all your advice has gotten my body ready to conceive the child we longed for so badly. Words could never thank you for this precious gift; but know that we always consider you our star and miracle worker! You have also had so much influence on how to be positive in life and that has been truly blessed experience and we do try and remember this on a daily basis.
All our love
John and Cindy – Milton Keynes

Over 2-3 years I had become aware that my body was reacting badly to the environment and to the food I ate. I suffered from acne Rosacea, mouth ulcers, joint pains, a runny nose and irritable bowel symptoms. I also continually felt tired and listless.
Sarah was recommended to me. Following her advice and after several treatments my symptoms not only eased but eventually disappeared.
I am so pleased to have found Sarah. She has so improved my quality of life and I cannot recommend her and her treatments highly enough.
Anne Mayhead - Bletchley March 2010

When we moved into our new house we knew something wasn't quite right. Our son who was ten at the time refused to even come in the house for 24 hours and once persuaded spent many nights crying himself to sleep. We were all having trouble sleeping and felt quite lethargic. Sarah Jayne came to do a geopathic stress test on the house. It took just over an hour and within a week we had a very comprehensive report which included Sarah Jayne's findings and suggested actions. Once we began carrying out the changes things felt easier in the house. We began to sleep properly and the house felt warm and welcoming, we started to feel more comfortable. Our son was still not happy and so we had someone into do some physcopomping.
This had been recommended by Sarah Jayne too, there was a fair amount of work to be done, but finally our house was a home and the whole family felt safe.
That was a couple of years ago and Sarah Jayne has since trained to carry out physchopomp herself. Recently we were all having terrible nightmares; I asked Sarah Jayne if she could help. Sarah Jayne cleared the house and gave us some information which we were able to use to carry out further healing.
I have always found Sarah Jayne to be an extremely powerful and intuitive healer; she is easy to talk to and always makes me feel safe and protected. Her advice and healing has been invaluable to my family and our journeys. Alex Clark – Milton Keynes

Two years ago a friend recommended I went to see Sarah, as I was having a lot of trouble with my lower back. Sarah has worked wonders enabling me to regain flexibility and mobility as well as advising me on which exercises and supplements were best for me. Needless to say when I fractured my wrist its Sarah who I went to for treatment, to help speed up the healing process and regain the use of my arm. According to the NHS this would take anything up to two years, but with Sarah’s magical touch - six weeks!
Where would I be without her? A very frustrated NHS patient!
Tracey Taylor – Newport Pagnell

What can we do for you?

Do you suffer from:

Weight issues?
• Poor Sleep?
• Structural problems?
• Muscular aches, pains?
• Illness, depression, fatigue?
• General feeling of ‘not belonging’?
• Lack self confidence/self-esteem?
• Want to learn how to live healthier?
• Fancy some food and healthy eating coaching?
• Raw food interest?
• Just generally want to feel better and live more vibrantly?

YES? Then we can help!

With all clients that come to see us we treat you as AN INDIVIDUAL… yes an individual. We will look at what your issues are that you present with, why you want treatment, what you hope to achieve, likes, dislikes, aches, pains yes the whole kit and caboodle!

With this knowledge we will then devise a programme to suit you…no two programmes are the same.

You may have persistent back ache and actually the cause is linked to a wheat intolerance, yes this has been known… SO we will look at everything from foods, structural alignment, confidence issues, mid set, goals…where are you? Where do you want to be? What exercise will help you…not everyone is a gym bunny but there are other options to help us increase our energies and tone up.

We use a number of different techniques including:
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Amatsu
  • Kinesiology
  • Reiki
  • Massage
  • Shamanic practises
  • Nutrition/Food education
  • Hypnosis/TimeLine™

We can and will help you achieve those goals, get rid of those pains, get more confident and live a life that we really dream off! So call Sarah on 07979 914822 or 0845 0941323 or email to book your appointment.




There are certain factors in your home that could be affecting your health and vitality levels.

The first is Geopathic Stress:

There are different views on how this is caused. One is that it’s where the earth’s natural
magnetic field has become distorted or disturbed, because of naturally occurring physical features in the earth, such as underground streams, or because of changes introduced by man, i.e. laying pipes, mining, or underground tunnels. Another theory is that it is linked with negative leylines.

If we spend long time periods in geopathically stressed areas i.e. if our bed lies in one, or our office desk for example, the magnetic organising and information-handling system that exists within us becomes disturbed and our homeostatic (rebalancing) mechanism becomes disturbed and begin to fail. This can lead to very real physiological problems including changes in the magnetic polarity of cell membranes. This in turn can alter the spin oscillation and proton resonance of protein molecules, faulty hydrogen bonding, disturbances of the mesenchym
e base regulation, and disturbances in hormone balance.

Whatever causes it, scientific research has shown links with vitality levels and a direct influence on serious illnesses, especially if a line is affecting your bed. In it’s milder forms it can be a contributing factor to such discomforts as:
• poor sleep
• nagging illnesses such as colds and flu
 • lethargy and tiredness.

If the lines are stronger, it can also contribute to much more serious medical problems and illnesses, such as ME, cancer, MS and depression.

The good news is that these Geopathic Stress (or GS) lines can be detected and removed, using a process called ‘Earth Acupuncture’ which is the first step in a House Health check.

The second factor that can contribute to poor health and sleep is the Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) levels affecting your bed specifically. Electrical wiring and appliances near the bed, like bedside lights, phones or alarm clocks, can give off high levels of EMF, which again has been proven to affect the body’s immune system. Women and children seem to be more susceptible to this.

An electromagnetic frequency risk analysis will be completed with a professional field meter to check that you are sleeping in a safe place and if it is found that the levels are above the recommended safe limit, advice given on protecting you and your family.

If you live near an electricity sub-station or pylon, it’s also worth checking the levels of EMF are safe for you.

Geopathic stress is difficult to treat; particularly as it can get 'locked into' the person's body. Moving house is not normally the best solution, not least because the next house can be just as bad or even worse! We recommend protective devices to our clients including copper protective cells, Q links, Raditechs amongst others.

Nutriscene developed a herbal combination that possible works by enhancing the body's protective mechanism against such stress. We assume that the more stressed an individual is from other aspects of their life, or other illnesses, the more predisposed to Geopathic stress they might be. GEO32 (v) (60) strongly supports the adrenal and pituitary glands. It also helps the pineal gland, the liver and the hypothalamus (these organs are closely linked with homeostasis mentioned above) which Nutriscene believe are linked to being affected by Geopathic stress.

Several months treatment with GEO32 (v) (60) in addition to a protective device is likely to benefit the majority of people with these problems.

There are a number of pointers which may suggest the presence of Geopathic Stress by its effect on both people and buildings.

The following clues may suggest that a person is affected by Geopathic Stress:

1. They have a serious illness such as cancer, M.E., or multiple sclerosis.
2. They have any illness which does not clear up despite good treatment.
3. They have tried a number of different therapies without success.
4. They feel better when away from home. For instance, a condition may clear up or improve when away on holiday only to come back again when they get back home.
5. They became ill shortly after moving house.
6. They live in a house which has never "felt right" or they instinctively dislike it.
7. They wake up feeling un-refreshed or feel worse in the mornings. This is because people are often affected by Geopathic Stress in bed as the body's resistance to it drops to a third of normal during sleep.

There are other pointers which may suggest that a particular house is affected. These are:

1. There may be problems with mould in the house.

2. There is a lot of lichen or moss growing on the roof, walls, or lawn as geopathic stress encourages the growth of these.

3. There may be problems with ants, wasps or bees. (Most animals avoid geopathic stress. Those that avoid it include dogs, cows and horses. Some are attracted to it, these include ants, wasps, bees and, oddly enough, cats).

4. The presence of cracks in walls, driveways, paving stones, kerbstones and roads. These may indicate the presence of a geological fault line.

5. The presence of trees with cancer (i.e. large knobbly growths on the trunk) or trees whose trunks have split into two.

6. Gaps in hedges. These may indicate the position of a line of geopathic stress crossing the hedge.

7. Close neighbours may also be in poor health.

8. The presence nearby of springs and wells.

9. Previous occupants of the house have also been ill

Geopathic stress is more frequent where the water table is high such as around estuaries. It is common near oil fields and areas of seismic or volcanic activity.

GEOPATHIC STRESS SURVEYS AVAILABLE FROM £150.00 Contact Sarah for more information.

What do you get:

I will personally come and do a Geopathic Stress Survey of your property and land (circa 2-3 hours WORTH £300)

I will write a report with my findings for you with solutions on how to improve the house and land (worth £100)

If you wish I can implement the changes necessary for you (dependent on requirements) this will incur and additional cost that can be discussed on enquiry.


Health Kinesiology (pronounced Kin-kneesy-ology) is a holistic therapy concerned with rebalancing body using muscle monitoring to communicate directly with the body.

Health Kinesiology applies a wide range of gentle yet powerful techniques, including magnets, flower essences, and accupressure . These restore balance and create and sustain health, well-being and more effective functioning. Health Kinesiology also draws on and integrates other therapies works well with any therapy. It draws on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can evaluate body function through the muscle-meridian relationship. It can also establish connections between imbalances, put them in order of priority and determine the most effective treatment.

Health Kinesiology is excellent for all allergies and intolerances but it can help you even if there is no perceived problem, confidence levels, stress, attitude, health, physical and psychological well-being all benefit. A truly holistic therapy!

COST: £60.00 initial consultation
Follow up: £45.00



Amatsu a modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese hands-on therapy which is over 3,000 years old. Amatsu that can be administered to most muscular-skeletal problems for correction, pain management and rehabilitation. It also addresses the triad of stresses on the body - namely physical, emotional and nutritional factors. The purpose of Amatsu is to aid in the restoration of health and it is extremely effective because it has this core principle.

The methodology of Amatsu includes various skills including Anma (push, pull) massage, gentle joint realignment, visceral management and reciprocal cranial to sacrum balancing. These can be used in many different combinations to suit the individual needs of each client.

All ATA Amatsu Practitioners are trained to offer after care life skills advice to clients. These include postural management, Kinetic handling, nutritional guidance and stress management principles. Our minimal treatment protocol in acute cases includes a consultation examination and evaluation; followed by 4-6 weekly sessions, then re-evaluation, and if required a management or rehabilitation programme.

The number of treatments required will also depend on the individual problems.

Amatsu’s breakthrough in the West began when Three Westerners, Dennis Bartram, Christopher Roworth and William Doolan made history as Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi PhD broke with Japanese Tradition in 1995. He granted them full teaching rights of the ancient school of Hi Chi Bu Ku Goshin Jutsu. Now these ancient time tested teachings are available through the development of its Masters both as a Therapy and a movement management system. Our trained Therapists are registered with the British Register of Complimentary Practitioners, the Institute of Complementary Therapists and the Amatsu Therapy Association. We have enjoyed a claim free insurance history since 1995.

Amatsu maintains very close International links to Japan and the Amatsu Association in Ireland.

Amatsu includes:

Massage techniques, Squeezing, Percussion and Effleurage etc.

1. Stretching, unwinding, neuromuscular techniques etc.

2. Positioning, postural ergonomics, alignment methods etc.

3. Muscle energy, resistive, passive, articulations etc.

4. Pressure points, Acupressure/Shiatsu.

It is not just physical injury that can cause problems. Amatsu therapy is based on the idea of the Godai or 'Big Five' - five areas that interact and influence the way our body responds to life:

• ENVIRONMENTAL: where, when and how you do what you do.

• PHYSICAL: your bodies structure, bones, muscles and ligaments.

• EMOTIONAL: your thought processes, emotions, beliefs and values.

• CHEMICAL: your hormones, digestive system, the food you eat etc.

• ELECTRICAL: your nervous and energy systems.

When these ‘BIG FIVE’ are in balance, we are healthy. A loss of balance in any one area will result in change in the others.

Amatsu is a catalyst for self healing, using the body's innate and profound ability to maintain and heal itself. It combines a variety of techniques including: massage, balancing, mobilisation, re-patterning and realigning energy flows.

 Anma - traditional Japanese massage

 Seitai - focuses on the relationships between various parts of the body and works to re-align balance and re-pattern the body.

 Shinden-jutsu - works with the ligaments and fluids that allow for skeletal stability and natural organ position.

 Kenku-jutsu - works with the cranio- sacral system

Don't forget that it is your body that knows what it needs in order to repair - Amatsu facilitates this and helps to connect the mind/body link that allows us to do this.

COST: £60 initial consultation 60 minutes

£45 follow up sessions 30-45 minutes

£245 for 6 sessions

Amatsu Therapy Association (ATA) website: