Thursday, 6 May 2010


Health Kinesiology (pronounced Kin-kneesy-ology) is a holistic therapy concerned with rebalancing body using muscle monitoring to communicate directly with the body.

Health Kinesiology applies a wide range of gentle yet powerful techniques, including magnets, flower essences, and accupressure . These restore balance and create and sustain health, well-being and more effective functioning. Health Kinesiology also draws on and integrates other therapies works well with any therapy. It draws on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can evaluate body function through the muscle-meridian relationship. It can also establish connections between imbalances, put them in order of priority and determine the most effective treatment.

Health Kinesiology is excellent for all allergies and intolerances but it can help you even if there is no perceived problem, confidence levels, stress, attitude, health, physical and psychological well-being all benefit. A truly holistic therapy!

COST: £60.00 initial consultation
Follow up: £45.00

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